This past year has been one with huge shifts. You’ll notice this in this year’s Gift Guide. If you’re looking for sex-related gifts, I’ve still got a few of the old favorites here (but for more of the sex-focused items, check here). If you’re looking for something a little more vanilla I have a lot of that, and a little bit of woo …and some kinky pieces thrown in too.

Let’s get to the list, so you have time to purchase those gifts for your loved one(s).


Beautiful, delicate jewelry by Delezhen. They have necklaces and bracelets for mothers and grandmothers.

Something on my own wish list (want, but don’t yet have) is a stone or crystal bracelet from Wishbeads.

Drink water

Soji Energy water bottles have crystals to infuse the water.

Copper Water Bottles (like this one) are an ayurvedic strategy for “treating” water.

Bindle Bottles have a small compartment in the base to put your private items in them — like condoms and lube, if you so choose. Even Oprah likes them

Eat Well


If you have a vulva and want a nice travel “toy”, try this Pro Traveler Clitoral Stimulator by Satisfyer.

If you have a penis, try this Jackits Stroker pad by Screaming O.


Personal Care

A lil Kinky

Or buy a pair of lace boxers for your partner?


Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, by adrienne maree brown

Disrupting the Bystander: When #metoo Happens Among Friends, by AV Flox

The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression, and the Conversations We Aren’t Having, by JoEllen Notte

Shameless Self-Promotion

Thank you for reading this year’s gift guide. I hope this inspires some decisions for what gifts you purchase this year. Make sure to bookmark this list and refer back for Valentines, birthdays, and other events where you need gifts.

Regarding full-disclosure:

Shop away, folks! Happy Holidays!


The MamaSutra

p.s., Happy Holidays everyone! If you’re feeling generous and you’d like to show *me* some love, feel free to visit this page for some choices. Thank you!

Originally published at on December 13, 2019.

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